You have probably heard your parents and the TV talking about the Coronavirus. You might have seen people wearing masks on their face or seen videos online.

We just wanted to answer some questions you may be having.

The Coronavirus is something you cannot see with your eyes. The virus can make you have a runny nose, fever, and feel sick like when you had a flu or cold. While you are hearing about the Coronavirus a lot, it is rarer than the Flu that happens every year and is not the worse sickness in the world. It is just new.  


There have not been many kids that have become sick, and when they do it is very mild. This means that kids are able to get well very quickly. Most adults that also get sick, just need to stay home and rest then they are all better too. If someone gets really sick, then they may have to see a doctor or nurse to get better.

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You may have to stay inside your house more than usual. You might not go to school or other places you usually go. Your parents, siblings, and grandparents may be staying home too. This will help stop the virus from making more people sick. If you are staying home, try and wake up when you normally do, get your exercise in, eat all your meals and snacks, and go to sleep at the regular time. This will help keep you healthy.

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 You can help by making sure you wash your hands with soap after coming home for 20 seconds. You should also wash your hands before eating anything. When you sneeze or cough make sure you use your elbow and then go wash your hands. If you blow your nose, make sure you throw your tissue in the trash and wash your hands. Try not to touch your face. You may see more and more people wearing masks on their face. These people are being more cautious, but you do not need to do that.

If you are feeling sick you can let your parents/guardians/teachers know about what you are feeling. If you are feeling scared and worried, know that it is okay to feel that way. Everyone in the world is feeling a little different than normal. Just talk about your feelings and fears with someone you trust. It will help you feel better. You can also ask questions you may have about the Coronavirus too. The adults in your life may not have the answers right away, but when they do, they will let you know.

Just know that adults from all over the world are working together to make this virus go away and keep you safe. You do not have to worry.

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